The Child Care Association of Brevard County, Inc. is one of thirty-eight

Touchpoints Projects across the nation chosen to participate in this Project since 1995.

              The Touchpoints Project is an innovative initiative designed to educate 

and support parents in their efforts to raise healthy families. It was founded by

world-renowned pediatrician, author, and lecturer, T. Berry Brazelton, M.D.


The Touchpoints Project is a nationwide community based,child wellness  project. 

Touchpoints assist parents in anticipating and understanding changes or    

"Touchpoints" in children's behavior from colic to toilet training to language

development and other common milestones or developmental "Touchpoints" so

that the duration and severity of problems during a child's development can be

significantly reduced. Touchpoints offers support before the problems begin.

Following is the Touchpoints Community Team:

 Joanne Scaringe, M.S., Child Care Association ofBrevard County, Inc.

.Gloria Bartley, M.A., Child Care Association ofBrevard County, Inc.

.Sally Shinn, P .H.D., Brevard County School Board

.Mona Potter, M.S.., Brevard County School Board

.Lora Abraham, M.S. W ., M.B.A., Children's Home Society

.Andrea Larson, M.A., Even Start