Quality Services

Child Care Association of Brevard County contracts with high quality early childhood centers to serve children. These centers are required to meet and exceed licensing requirements for child care centers in Florida. Additionally all centers are encouraged to gain Gold Seal Status and National Accreditation and are given intensive technical assistance to help them achieve this goal. A substantial number of these centers are Nationally Accredited and many others are in the self-study process, which leads to National Accreditation.

Classroom Arrangement

Classrooms in these centers are set up to enhance children’s learning through active participation. Research has proven that children in early childhood programs learn best when they are actively involved in their environment. Therefore, classrooms are set up in learning centers which include, among others a reading center, a writing center, a math center, a science center and a music center. These classrooms meet safety standards and provide a supportive physical environment for children to nurture both their fine motor skills which lead to the ability to read and write as well as their gross motor skills.

Skills Development in Children

Children attending these early childhood programs participate in a developmentally appropriate curriculum throughout the day which incorporates active learning. Through active learning children explore their world, discover how to get along with others, learn math, science and literacy skills and ultimately learn to feel competent enough to accept challenges and try different activities. Curiosity, self-esteem, language, problem solving, self-help skills and cooperation are just a few of the skills that are developed in children who attend these programs offered throughout Brevard County.


School Readiness Outcomes

Using the Florida’s Expectations for School Readiness Checklist which is currently the tool used by Brevard County Schools to determine readiness for school, 94% of children entering kindergarten in the 2002-2003 school year who have been assessed and served in these early childhood programs provided by Brevard child care providers through contracts with Child Care Association have achieved school readiness expectations. This percentage is inclusive of all children, including those with documented disabilities.

Staff Credentials and Training

These centers must have staff working with children who exceed the minimum standards for credentialing. Staff in each classroom is required to have a Child Development Associate Credential at a minimum. This is a competency-based credential that incorporates 120 hours of specific early childhood training including curriculum, child development, early childhood literacy, math and science activities, classroom environment and health and safety. There is also a requirement for this Associate Credential which requires 480 hours of experience onsite working with young children. Additionally, these staff are required to attend all mandated training to keep them abreast of changes in early childhood development and school readiness. At a minimum they attend 12-40 hours of additional training annually.

Parent Involvement

Ongoing training classes and workshops are provided to educate parents on the importance of their involvement with and participation in their child’s educational experience. Parents are invited to be involved by volunteering in their child’s classroom. Parents assist children in pre reading and pre literacy activities as well as social skills development and all other aspects of their child’s learning experience. By volunteering in the classroom parents gain a better insight into what and how young children learn and can extend that learning process to home activities.


Children attending early childhood programs receive nutritious meals and snacks, which meet the USDA standards for proper nutrition for children age 0-5. Proper nutrition plays a very significant part in the ability of a child to participate and learn.

Other Information for Parents:


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