Child Care Association of Brevard

                               LAURETTE BRYAN, M.D.


As another year ends for the Child Care Association of Brevard County, Inc,, I reflect with great pride on the opportunity I am afforded to serve as the Board Chairman for this organization. Where else could a group of volunteers such as those who make up our Board of Directors have an opportunity to make such a difference in the lives of so many children, right in their own back yard?

This organization has so many programs and services to be proud of. We provide a wide spectrum of resources for children of all ages and their families. A few of these include:

  • Early intervention programs that identify and work with at-risk babies.
  • Early education programs such as Head Start and Early Head Start that provide educational support for both children and parents.
  • Healthcare and nutritional programs that offer much needed services at no cost to parents in need, and
  • Before- and after-school enrichment programs that serve hundreds of children of all ages.

We continue to lead in national accreditation for such programs as these.

Brevard County can be proud of the accomplishments that the Child Care Association through its many programs has successfully completed on behalf of the thousands of children it serves in this county. Such success can only be attained through a well-orchestrated and collaborative effort that blends the efforts of administration, staff, community volunteers, child care providers, business owners, legislators and families. We are all working toward one-goal - making quality child care available to every family.

Laurette Bryan, MD

Board Chairman



For the past three and a half decades the Child Care Association has  worked timelessly as an advocate for the thousands of children living in Brevard County. During that time we have set and accomplished many goals and implemented many new programs and created and forged many alliances and partnerships. Our overall goal has been constant-to ensure that every child in our community receives the resources to succeed. The past year has been no exception.

The past year's accomplishments are the result of a collaborative approach that involves input and assistance from hundreds of people who represent a wide variety of organizations. We extend our heart-felt thanks to all the parents, child care providers, funders, legislators and community supporters who helped make a significant difference in the child care resources in our community. 

Several groups in particular deserve special recognition. The first is the Board of Directors for the Child Care Association. Under the direction of Board Chairman Dr. Laurette Bryan, these men and women volunteered countless hours of their time during the past year to ensure that Brevard County children receive the best possible start in life. Dr. Bryan, who has served as a Board member almost since the inception of The Child Care Association, exemplifies the kind of leadership needed to ensure success by an organization the size of ours with the number of children we are committed to serve. The Child Care Association's Board of Directors is the critical link between our organization and our community.

We also want to extend a special thank you to the dedicated staff of child care specialists, business professionals and support staff who work long hours for the children. Working in this environment is truly a labor of love, demonstrated daily as well as many nights and weekends, by these talented and committed men and women.

As the coordinating agency for our community, we are proud to have such a strong and broad-based foundation of individuals in place. Their dedication will ensure our continued success in serving all our children. Whether tackling school-readiness issues, looking for new partnerships that will improve our resources or developing new programs needed by our families, the Child Care Association is poised to succeed and move forward.

     For the Children,

     Barbara Moore