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Parent Education
Another important group affected by the Child Care Association programs is families. We want to nurture good family relationships in Brevard because family is a child's first - and best - teacher.
Our Family Service Department assesses individual families' needs, then does whatever it takes to get them growing together. This year's programs included seven-week STEP (Systematic Training for Effective Parenting), along with a series of reading and parenting programs. In addition, we visited nearly 1,500 families and referred about 8,000 families to other community services.

Family Empowerment...
This supportive monthly program offers enrichment and workshops for parents of children in the Gibson Day Care Center and other programs. Topics are parent friendly and designed to increase confidence and skills in areas such as Opening a Bank Account, Buying a House, and Nutrition.

Project Safety Net...
This year the Child Care Assocation, through Project Safety Net, served more than 300 children, one year old or younger, at risk for abuse and neglect. We transported them to and from child care, visited homes and made more than 2,000 other contacts to distribute parenting, child development and self-improvement information.





"When I am in charge of a family, we will play together all day ."

Tamara, age 6

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