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Being a parent is the most important role anyone plays in their lifetime.  And every parent wants to be sure that they are doing everything they can to be sure their child grows up safe, healthy, and happy. 

Our parent training classes address many of the questions that parents face: 

  • Is my child developing normally? 

  • How can I help my child succeed in school? 

  • How can I keep my child safe at home, in the car and out in the community? 

  • How can I plan meals that fit a busy schedule and address the needs of a growing child? 

  • What's the best way to guide and discipline my child? 

  • How do I deal with the stress of parenthood?

  • Where can I go for help?

Parent Training classes are free, open to all parents, and held in all areas of Brevard County at convenient times for busy parents.  In addition to these training classes designed expressly for parents, the Child Care Association offers a wide range of classes for child care providers, which parents are welcome to attend as well.  To view the provider training schedules, click here.

For information on times and locations, please contact the Child Care Association's Parent Involvement Coordinator at 321 504-0937.

Becoming a Head Start Mentor
This course provides an overview of the Head Start Youth Mentoring Program and how middle school and high school students can get involved and share their skills and knowledge with young Head Start students.

Behavior Management
This course addresses challenging behaviors and will provide parents with ways to understand why a particular behavior may occur, help them develop age-appropriate intervention strategies and discuss positive behavioral supports for children who engage in challenging behaviors.

Child Passenger Safety
Child Passenger Safety will provide parents and participants with safety precautions, measures, and tips while transporting children in their care.

Choosing Quality Child Care
This course will give participants an overview of what to look for in choosing a daycare center, how the classroom should be set up, and provide a visual look by touring a child care center.

First Time Home Buyers & Other Housing Opportunities
This course provides parents with information on home ownership, financing and overcoming barriers to home ownership.

Food Safety and Quick Meal Preparation
This course will provide parents with basic safety precautions while cooking and information on preparing quick and nutritious family meals .

Health Education
This course will provide parents with an overview of children's health issues and what parents can do to ensure the health of their child.

How to Develop a Household Budget
This course will provide an overview of how to identify household expenses, build a household budget and manage family funds to meet family needs. 

Identifying the Special Needs Child and the Referral Process
This class provides parents with information on how to identify children with special needs and the stages of the referral process.

Importance of Parent Involvement
This class helps parents understand the important role they play in their child's development and how their involvement bolsters the learning and skill development that takes place at the child's center. 

Literacy Enhancement and Parent Involvement
Literacy Enhancement helps parents create reading activities that they can use to create an enriched literacy environment for their children and provides parents with reading materials and activities that can improve reading skills.

Low Cost Housing Opportunities
This course will provide an overview of low cost housing options available in Brevard County. 

Redirecting Children's Behavior

Participants will learn how to implement positive communication and skill building techniques that will redirect negative behavior without spanking.

Sickle Cell Information Awareness
This informational session covers the causes and effects of the sickle cell disease, awareness and symptoms.

Success Through Volunteering
This class provides parents with information on the rewards of volunteering in their child's center, at the Child Care Association and within the community.  Through volunteering parents become effective advocates for their children and their families.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
Participants will be given an overview of some of the causes and effects of Sudden Death Syndrome and steps to take to prevent this phenomenon.

Sun and Water Safety
This class will teach parents the precautions to take to ensure that their children are safe and protected when enjoying outdoor activities.

Transition to Kindergarten

This course provides parents with the techniques to begin the transition process for children who are 5-years old and provides information on what to expect when their child transitions to a public school environment. 

Volunteer Orientation
This class provides participants with an overview of the Agency, history, achievements, programs policies and procedures and health and safety issues related to volunteering for the Child Care Association.

For more information, call our Parent Involvement Coordinator at 321 504-0937.




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