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Children in Brevard County need loving foster parents!  Unfortunately there are not enough foster homes available in our community to care for all the children who have been separated from their families due to abuse or neglect.  When homes are not available, children from Brevard end up in group homes or are placed in homes in other counties, which further separates them from everything familiar to them.

When a child needs to be placed in a foster home, every effort is made to match the child with the most appropriate foster home available to ensure the child's needs are met.  Foster homes should be chosen truly on the basis of matching a child's need to a foster family's traits and skill level rather than because it is the only home available.  The more foster homes available, the better the match that can be made.  The greatest need for foster parenting is for school age children, sibling groups and teenagers.

The Child Care Association, in cooperation with Community Based Care of Brevard wants to ensure that every child who is removed from his or her family has the perfect loving and caring home until their families can be mended and reunited.  If you have room in your home and love in your heart, we hope you will consider becoming a foster care parent to a deserving child.  If you know of a family that you believe would make a good foster family, please provide a referral.  If you refer a family that becomes a licensed foster care family, you may be eligible for a $300 stipend.

Questions and Answers

Q:  What is foster care?
A:  A temporary home for children up to age 18. Serious problems with their own families require some children to live with foster families or in group residential facilities.

Q:  Are there any income requirements?
A:  NO, but a stable income is required and should be flexible enough to accommodate another child.

Q:  Can foster parents adopt their foster child?
A:  Yes.  However, this should be be expected, because most children return to their own families.  

What Does It Take to Become a Foster Parent?

Foster parents are special, but also ordinary people who have chosen to accept the challenges and joys of fostering children.  Specific licensing standards must be met in order for a person to be licensed as a foster parent.  A single adult, age 21 or older, or a married couple may become foster parents.  A foster parent may have children of their own or have no children.  Parents may work out of the home, but childcare must be maintained for the foster child. 

There are certain characteristics that a foster parent must have:

  1. Ability to communicate in a positive fashion with the child and the community

  2. The ability to accept the temporary nature of the child's placement

  3. An extraordinary amount of tolerance, patience, perseverance, flexibility and dedication

  4. Ability to understand the youth's feelings and consider her/his views

  5. The ability to nurture and express affection

  6. The ability to discipline without using or threatening physical punishment or removal from the home

  7. The ability to remember what it is like to be a child

How Can I Become a Foster or Adoptive Parent?

We encourage you to attend our next informative orientation session.  The topics discussed and information provided will help with your decision to become a foster or adoptive family.

Prior to acceptance into the program, an application packet, background check, home study and inspection will need to be completed.  Prospective parents must complete the Model Approach to Partnerships in Parenting (MAPP) training.  The class lasts 8-10 weeks.  During this time you will explore the issues of adoption and fostering a child. 

Orientation for Prospective Foster Parents

Are you interested in becoming a foster parent?  Do you know someone who is?  This is the place to begin.

Orientation sessions for Prospective Foster Parents provide an overview of what is involved in becoming a foster parent, the specialized training that is required, information on the licensing process, and the rewards of providing a safe and loving home to a child who has been removed from their family due to abuse or neglect.  Sessions are held monthly in each area of Brevard County.  Registration is not required, but a telephone call indicating your intention to attend would be appreciated. 

Area Date/Time Location*
North Area
3rd Wednesday of each month

6:00 p.m.-7:30 p.m.

Parrish Children's Center
5650 S. Washington St.
Titusville, FL  32780
Central Area 3rd Thursday of each month

6:00 p.m.-7:30 p.m.

Child Care Association
18 Harrison Street
Room 10
Cocoa, FL  32922
South Area 4th Wednesday of each month

6:00 p.m.-7:30 p.m.

H.O.P.E. South
3661 S. Babcock St.
Melbourne, FL

* Locations are subject to change

For additional information, call the Foster Care Recruitment Manager at 634-3500, extension 361.

18 Harrison St., Cocoa, FL 32922    Main: (321) 634-3500    Fax: (321) 634-3513    [email protected]