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                                  Caring for Kids


Caring for Kids is a statewide initiative which coordinates efforts targeted toward three vital facets of the child care market: 1) informal child care, 2) family child care homes, and; 3) accreditation. The programs aims to:


Increase the quality of informal child care arrangements and encourage these providers to become licensed or registered.


 Increase the number of family child care providers by 1,000 by June 30, 1998.


Increase the number of accredited centers and family child care homes to more than 1,000 over three years.


Current Program Activities

Resource Mobiles: The resource mobile is a traveling world of activities and educational materials for child care providers. The van program gives providers an outside outlet in providing education and fun to their children. Each of our 26 local CCR&R Agencies has a minimum of one CFK Resource Mobile (many have more than one). They are required by contract to be on the road a minimum of 3 days per week offering resources and technical assistance to centers and homes.

Handbook for Caregivers: The Caring for Kids handbook is an educational guide for family child care providers with information ranging from health and safety to food and nutrition to relationships. The handbook gives providers a quick reference guide on many topics they face everyday and how to deal with them appropriately. Over four thousand handbooks were distributed during the first three years of this program, and an additional three thousand are in the process of being distributed.

Mini-grants: Licensed centers and homes are awarded up to $500 and informal providers up to $250 to become accredited or registered. The grants assist providers who serve WAGES and other subsidized children. (These grant amounts were increased up to $2,500 for licensed centers and homes, and up to $750 for informal providers when the loan program was discontinued in 1999).

Business Mentoring Program: The mentoring breakfasts bring local businesses and child care providers together, identifying areas of expertise and need, and then matching them appropriately. The program gives providers an opportunity to sharpen their business skills and make their family child care home into a profitable business.

Family Child Care Mentoring Program: With the aid of a grant from the AL Mailman Foundation, the Forum is currently developing a statewide certified mentoring program for family child care providers.





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